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Moving away?

3 days ago
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My bf..or ex or idk what says he cant stand it in the apt..ok i get it..its a pitt..but he says we just dont work..and where am i gonna go? Am i scewed? Will we work it out? Im freaking out cus i cant afford it..please who can help me w this?

3 days ago


2 days ago

He can be very unthoughtful at times ! Please contact me live chat if you would like a reading today ;) ten min specials for new clients ;)

about 21 hours ago
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about 20 hours ago

Hello Audry , I am sorry you are going through this and you are both struggling at this time with direction from what I see. There is a connection between you but I am seeing you to be moving in different directions at this time. I know financially you are not prepared for this situation , its important that you try to truly open lines of communication between you at this time. So that you can both not only get on the same page in regards to where you are standing but also with your intentions moving forward. If you do have questions or would like further insight into the situation you are facing and whats to come. I am online if you wish to enter chat for a reading.

Blessings , Penelope.

about 18 hours ago

Nobody could answer your question better than Penelope Anne did, above. I agree completely.

Time to face the music (so-to-speak). I know it feels overwhelming but take things one step at a time and you’ll get through it. These are the sort of experiences that make us strong.


about 15 hours ago

Hello please join me for accurate advise

about 1 hour ago

Hello, Let me give you full insight and help what is ahead for you and your boyfriend , and changes . I have specials today . Come in and let me give you the truth and changes . Blessings