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Loud rude neighbors

5 months ago
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How long will i have to deal with my loud obnoxious neighbors? As im writing this, the guy is doing a project with a loud power tool i can easily record the sound of on my phone..its going past 11pm. and this is above the bedroom. They bang and thump around day and night,i work early in the morning..bf works 3rd..we both dont get sleep.,both of their cars are loud,they hog the parking spots. The land lord wont really do anything. Talking to them..yeah right..theyre those kibds of people who dont give a you know what. Its only been two months since my bf and i moved in and we cant stand it.. will we have to deal with them much longer or are we just having to move

5 months ago

Hi Audry,

Best thing to do is talk to your neighbor directly. If that doesn’t resolve things (and I see you’ve already spoken to your landlord in vain) then research your city to see if there’s an ordinance against noise pollution. Most cities have an ordinance to restrict the times of day that noises can be loud.

I hope that helps,


5 months ago

hello dear and welcome and I have to say that as long as you are living there then yes you will have to deal with it. im on line .

5 months ago

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