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Who would like to give me a love reading?

7 days ago

I usually get one reading every month or so. A few readers have been telling me about a woman I was to meet. I did meet her. I feel comfortable need to keep looking. I would much rather be alone than settle.

7 days ago

If you feel you are not ready to settle than don’t. But, in time you will find the one that you will feel like staying with. The woman that you will love will be a sweet and cherishing person. For a full reading contact me.

6 days ago

Now come to me for honest reading

5 days ago

Hello, Let me look into spirit and see what is ahead on this new woman and future . I will give you the truth what spirit show and much more on this romance .On line now -Live chat – I have specials today . Blessings

5 days ago

hi dear and welcome and what im seeing is for now it is a good idea to stop looking for er and just leave it be and it will come to ou , theres no reason to search so hard because it is your destiny to meet her and mover foward.

4 days ago

I would be happy to do this reading ! Only 99 cent a min ! Come see me in chat ;)

2 days ago

I am online and ready to chat (: