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confused about my ex

over 9 years ago

hi this is hannah. and i am very confused about someone. this guy is my ex havent been with hi for about 4 months now. ive heard afer a month of breaking up that he was engaged. so ive tried to move on but he keeps calling me and everytime i tell him to stop calling he would say ok but call me again anyways. now lately he has been saying he loves me and cares for me. he even recently asked me about getting married to him. this all confuses me because he is engaged i believe and it doesnt make any sense. i mean i truely love this man. what is his real intentions? is he just playing with my emotions and really loves the women he is with? what is going on in his head?

over 9 years ago
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jenny Fardell (garnetta)

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Has he told you himself that he’s engaged? Or have you just heard it through other people? Have you asked him about it? Sounds like there needs to be some more communication here. He probably does love and care for you. But he sounds a bit immature that after 4 months of not seeing you, he’s mentioning marriage. You need to be clear and confident dealing with this. You need to meet him, on neutral territory, to talk. You need to be in control of your emotions and what you are going to ask him. You need to be honest and open, but very decisive not to be swayed by any of his charms or pleas. For instance, you need to be able to say things like – I understand where you’re coming from, but now you’ve told me (eg. you were engaged). I need to decide (eg. if you’re just jumping from one woman to another when it suits you)..... I’ll call you in a few days time. OR be able to say something like – I’ll see. But I’m not going to jump into bed with you again until I’m sure. You know what I’m saying? You need to call the shots and do it in a controlled, but friendly and honest, way so you can see if he’s a mature man or still needs to sort his life and attitude to relationships out. Good luck.

over 9 years ago

yes when i did ask him if he was engaged he replied yes then would sometimes avoid the question. i know he is imature. i just feel like everytime i have the strength to move on he comes back into my life. and i get confused and my feelings get the best of me

over 9 years ago
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MS.CARMELLA (ms.carmella)

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hey there would honestly love to help you with this issue you’v been going through with just ur d.o.b. iwill give you a full reading on this for your price :)

over 9 years ago
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Gia.Gainze (giagainze)

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I will need your dob as well as his, i am sensing here a strong spiritual connection between the both of you yet so much confusion as you have explained, i do believe he is not trying to play with your feeling or anything but he may do that without even realizing it i want to be able to tell you exactly what will happen and how it will happen and the final out come depending on the path you choose, i will need to look much deeper then this, i don’t want to just guide you without having a final answer to your question. You can contact me anytime i am running a $10 deal for love/soul mate reading, this is a complete analysis, again i will need names as well as DOB for both. Thank and many blessings, Gia Gainze

over 9 years ago
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miko fox (miko)

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it could be possible that he regrets proposing to this woman and is just looking for a way to get out of it. if he is just using you as “the fall back girl”(in other words if he cant find anyone else he”ll always go back to you)you will not be doing yourself any favores by being with him. this is not what im picking up on but im just saying this could be a possibility.

what i do pick up on is that this is just another man who has no idea what hes doing and you should go with your intuition on this. if you really do feel that he has some bad intentions shut him out of your life.

over 9 years ago

Hi, Some men want it all! I’m familiar with the fact that although men have moved onto another partner, they still want to be in control of the previous partner. Sort of like want their cake and eat it too. He figures by keeping in contact with you, you will be under his control, you will not move onto someone new yourself and he gets to stay with his new love. I think it would be best for you to allow yourself the ability to stand strong and let him know under not circumstance is he to call you UNLESS, he has ended his current relationship. You need to show him that you are not his puppet that he can pull strings when he chooses. Let it go, (easier said than done i know) and empower yourself. AS I said, unless he choose to end his relationship now and seriously committ himself to you.

wishing you all the best.

over 9 years ago
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Love ❦ Soulmate Expert (psychic_n_healer)

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Hey Hannah,

I can sense there is un-surety in this person at this point of time as u said rightly “immature” too.

If you’re confused & need to make the right decision let me help you,… I would be happy to help you right away. I will give you full accurate insight on your time to come . Hire me answers back right away. Please intimate your name and dob/time for detailed and an accurate, honest reading for a way forward. My intenstion is gretest good for you and your time to come ahead.

Contact me now.  Blessing
over 9 years ago
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Wisdom7 (psychic_power)

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Soory for the issue you are passing under, stay possitive, as you have common sence to shape your own life, Guy in question if you consider in not mature enough then you better choose your own bwtter way to lead lile where your are comfortable and live happily. Dont run behaid the Guy how is double minded and want to sail in two different boats same time. not acceptable


God Bless You.