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What does the death card really mean

about 1 year ago
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The Death card

Death the thirteenth card of the tarot deck, This card is the most recognized and most feared by a novice person not familiar with the card, in most cases the card represents loss and sacrifice, But generally it’s representing a new beginning a brand new start depending on the position of the card, as well as the cards leading up to and the cards that come after . You have to take in to consideration what? influenced the cards. Was your reading based on a health issue, was it a reading on love and relationships. Then the card takes on a whole different meaning We should also consider the person interpret the cards , most readers will look first to the tenth card which will give the out come of the reading. Some readers look at the picture the cards in a whole are painting to give an accurate meaning you must interpret the cards together and focus on the area the individual being read was dealing with at the time, There are many factors to consider when having your cards read, the best advice I can give you is get familiar with the deck each deck can have different meanings one thing you can take from this is that the Death card does not mean what you think I hope this will bring some light to all of you who have come across the card are maybe have been told it means death

Tips for beginners The picture above is from the Rider White tarot deck, this card does not mean DEATH but LOSS and it can mean loss in a good way Follow me for more tips on learning the tarot.

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