A.Pranav (LionzA) Mohla

Educational Counselor and Building Career Motivation. Emotional Independence


1. I am a Yoga Master and Reiki 2nd Degree Practitioner .Done Advanced teacher training Course in Online Teaching from Specialized Institute of Yoga Swami Shivananda from India.I also help remove stress and anxiety.
2. I am an Educational Counselor help with any university SOPs, Recommendation Letters, Examination Forms Etc.
3.Part of the Administrative chain of Powerful Youngsters Working together and committed to excellence making innovations with Our newly acquired technical skills and making a difference around to the best of our abilities. We have an agenda to make a LARGEST YOUTH FORUM where you’ll find about a 1000 young Budding Scientists, Engineers, Techno Freaks, Virtuoso Musicians and people with imagination and ideas with infinite level of creativity and computational Skills. We have Thinkers, Philosophers, Professional, Counselors, Psychiatrists, Saints, Doctors and even Politicians who are supporting us.

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

1. Web design, Server Scripting, Print Media, Logo design, Vector Graphics
2. Student OPerations (AIAA,RAeS,NASA) Officer for Dangerous Asteroid Protocols & CCCCs,Web Manger at Space Renaissance & Crater Cap Colony Group.
3.Youth Entrepreneur at LEAD INDIA
4.Special/Visual Effects Artist (VFX)

Graphical user interface (GUI) design using HTML/XHTML/CSS, Adobe Fireworks & Flash
Web standards compliance and basic accessibility issues (as they pertain to XHTML)
Planning, designing, and implementing web site structure and navigation layout with server side includes and dynamic content
Flash presentations
Design & layout of e-mail newsletters
Design & layout of press releases & white papers
Image optimization
Knowledgeable with TITLE & META tags and page content for search engine optimization
Understanding of screen resolutions and how to design for them


Confidence is my name, coolness is my game. Genuine, spontaneous and showered with fame. Endeavoring to shine and ablaze in the darkness Wanna really know about me? not easy folks you’ll need to dig in for heavy Gold..! I am quite unpredictable.. if you search in me silver u might get Platinum and sometimes people just keep finding dirt..!i love critics I am a catalyst on earth, working and watching without being affected by Desires and temptations walking strong alone but love showered with love of everyone. i walk on the rose bed with Fire beneath.! Attaching and detaching .. I have a very strong focus and the ability to Innovate beyond Hypothetical Knowledge. I fix my Eye on the Goal Aim MY TARGET IN THE EYE BALL..-))) Sniped !!!!!!! i work hard when u sleep and work harder when u r awake and and convert the impossible to realism .I love catching the eye of the Tiger(mind) someday i’ll tame it and leash it.. Coz i am Programmed by God.. thumbs Up.! lets taste the Thunder! ‘Dar Ke Aage Jeet Hain’ Cheers At Embry-Riddle, my primary primary focus is on the engineering of mission-oriented vehicles for atmospheric and space flight. Nonetheless,my friends also have designed automobiles and high-speed rail systems. we learn to design, analyze, and test aerospace systems. They perform experiments in wind tunnels to measure flow conditions and investigate aerodynamic phenomena. In the materials lab, we study metals and composites used in modern aircraft construction. options include experimentation in control system designs and in-flight testing. they prepare us for the engineering environment you’ll find in industry. the aerospace engineering faculty combine excellent academic credentials with years of experience. Since the aerospace industry is characterized by constant change, our instructors stress that in addition to aptitude and enthusiasm the ability to adapt and excel and to continue learning is vital to a graduate’s success. Completed Youth Entrepreneurship and a Business Administration Crash Course from MDU’09. Acquired Skills in Accounting,economics,Business Studies, Managerial Skills,Public Relations, Sociology and Business Organization,Communication and Personality Skills and Still learning.! Activities and Societies: National Society Of High School Scholars, National Debate Team, State Table Tennis Team,District Level Badminton Champion, School Chess Team, Athlete and Euphoric Sportsmen, National Cadet Corps Senior Division.Enjoy Making and eating Indian & Chinese Cuisine. Tecnno-freak- i love Web design,Server Scripting, Print Media, Logo design, Vector Graphics,Games, Animations, CAD Graphic and Web Design. 2. Fond of Yoga, Gym, playing guitar and jamming with friends, singing and love Outdoor/indoor Games (Soccer, Cricket, Badminton, Skating, swimming, diving, loving, Squash, Athletics break dancing, Boxing(great mental and Physical Fitness & alertness), Cycling, table tennis, carom! I Friends call me Rocky Jackie ( of cool trades) and just started Golf! Music is my life!

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Languages: English,Hindi,Punjabi

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