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I want to provide answers for love, general,spiritual and family questions


I provide the best information on relationships, friendships, marriages,Saving money on home or business electric bill as well as traveling to Jamaica. I am confident that if you have a question about any of these topics i can give you first hand and the best information. I can deal with your relationship problems because i have studied how the human brain works and i have had lo9ts of personal experience. I have been a peer counselor for 3 years, therefore i am confident that i can help you.I also have great insights on situations which makes my answers different from the normal person. In terms of saving money on your electric bill i just did and I just wanted everyone to be aware of that. What is better than having a Jamaican tell you about Jamaica!!!!!

CloseDegrees and Qualifications:

Associate degree in Early Childhood Development (literacy Studies major).

Degree in Psychology—-Pending still in college


I have worked as a counselor in a adult and teenager group home for three years.I have three years of on site counseling experience. i am also a home based travel agent. i have been a travel agent for 2.5 years and i am Jamaican therefore i can provide you with all the information you will need. In regards to lowering your electric bill. I am a Energy Consultant

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